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Member benefits

Ball machine

Our battery powered ball machine is always charged up ready to go

Club room access

Full kitchen and a fridge with basic refreshments available. Comfortable seating with a great view over the courts.

Table tennis

A great rainy day alternative.

3 courts

Easy access to available courts. Don't get turned away.

Tennis wall

Hone your skills on court 3

Changing rooms and toilet facilities

Male and female


Junior and Senior teams available

Club tournament

Become the next club singles or doubles champion. Have your name engraved forever in the club's history.

Free court booking

Don't pay casual fees but make sure you get the court you want.

Membership: List

Membership options

We offer a range of membership options. If you're not sure, get in touch and we will help you find the best one.

Senior Member


A voting member of the club who has rights to play anytime.

Family Package

Variable (capped $500)

A 15% discount applies to the 2nd member, 25% on 3rd member, 35% discount on subsequent members - capped at $500. Parents are considered Senior members.



A 15% discount applies to the 2nd member. Use the courts anytime they are available and vote on club matters.



Able to use courts on week days only before 5pm.



Play anytime you like



Play anytime you like. Must provide evidence of being a student.



Under 18? Enjoy full use of the courts anytime they are available.

Club Junior


Come along with an adult anytime. For those under the age of 9.

Club Junior Parent


Use the courts anytime you are supervising a club junior member. Join us on club days.

Membership: Price List
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